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Not Cool

Not Cool
  • If you’ve harbored fantasies of throwing a pie at a policeman or policewoman’s face, or just think it would be a fun activity, Tuesday night is your night.

    As part of the the community-focused National Night Out, the Shakespeare Police District will host a pie toss with all suggested donations for each toss ($1) or full on smash ($5) going to the Police Memorial Foundation.

    The “pie the police” fundraiser is one of several activities planned for the family-friendly event, scheduled for 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the station, 2150 N. California Ave. in Logan Square.

We’re all for fun, families and laughter, but was this really a good idea? People are throwing all sorts of crap at police – verbally and physically already. Why even encourage this sort of behavior and pass it off as “fun”? And using this set-up?


Nothing like playing into the stereotypes – something like a dunk tank would have been far better.

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