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What Is It About 1906ET That Spooks Precious Metals ‘Traders’?

What Is It About 1906ET That Spooks Precious Metals ‘Traders’?

The always-efficient so-called markets exhibited some interesting behavior once again this evening.

First of all, Dow futures flash-smashed higher after re-opening following AAPL’s earnings blow out, only to settle back down to reality very shortly after…


However, it was the precious metals ‘markets’ that went a little turbo. At 1906ET, Silver futures flash-smashed higher, running the day’s high-stops, before plunging back to earth…

Gold futures also followed suit tonight…


This would normally be shrugged off as just another example of the utter farce that global capital markets have become. However, a glance back in recent history at the silver market’s most recent chaos moment – on July 6th – and a ‘funny’ thing stood out!!!

Gold also followed suit that night too…

h/t @TFMetals

At exactly 1906 ET on July 6th, Silver futures flash-crashed (some say over 10%, though many data feeds have been subsequently ‘cleansed’ of that sin), before normalizing.

So what is it about 1906ET that sends the algos in overdrive? Or is it all just coincidence? Probably nothing, right?

It’s deja vu all over again…

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