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Fran Leaves Rahm’s Reservation

  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel has emphatically denied that politics is behind his decision to file a pre-emptive lawsuit seeking to block U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions from cutting off federal crimefighting funds to sanctuary cities.

    If that’s true, why did Emanuel play the media like a fiddle by dribbling out details of the lawsuit over a three-day period?

    And why do the mayor’s own private emails expose his attempts to use his pro-immigration stance to shore up a national media image that took a beating after the November 2015 release of video showing a white Chicago Police officer firing 16 shots at black teenager Laquan McDonald?

Fran has been carrying water for Rahm’s administration for years, just like she used to for Shortshanks. Questions like these could have doomed Rahm’s mayoral bid. So why now? Who is the Slum Times backing for mayor now? What strings are being tugged?

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