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Take Home Pay

By now, everyone has gotten the most recent check stub. And if you paid attention, you’d notice that your check was a bit lighter than before. That would be the Madigan engineered income tax hike.

Better hope the FOP gets a sizable pay raise to cover it. And if you can, move out of Illinois as fast as you can. Because it isn’t even a drop in the bucket – read the entire article, but this portion is near the end:

  • The Illinois economy is still in shambles and residents are still stuck with sending a bigger chunk of change to the capitol.

    If that’s not sad enough, consider the scale of the spending problem that remains in Springfield. The entirety of the $5 billion in tax increases will be eaten up by this year’s pension payment, and that’s still not enough to address the growing liability.

You read that correctly – the ENTIRE $5 BILLION in tax increases is due into assorted (and mismanaged) pension funds. None of them ours.

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