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Nice Trains Rahm

The criminals aren’t even waiting to get to the Happy Hunting Grounds – they’re blasting victims on the train itself:
  • All the way home to the Far North Side, Ted Pertzborn couldn’t stop thinking: Maybe it’s time to buy a gun.

    A crazy thought, he admitted later, but it had been a crazy evening Thursday.

    Less than an hour earlier, he had been on a Red Line train at Jackson in the Loop when two young men started arguing in front of him. One of them pulled a gun — “a cannon” — and shot the other man in the arm and the ankle.

    The shooting was so wild, Pertzborn was surprised he or other passengers weren’t hit too.

    “I saw his right arm go up and saw a muzzle flash,’’ said Pertzborn, 44, a graphics designer who works in the Willis Tower. “I heard boom, boom, boom… Boom, boom, boom, boom. About five or six shots. It was a big gun.”

Of course, a gun wouldn’t have done him much good since guns are banned on CTA trains and platforms…

Hey, wait a minute. If guns are banned, how did this guy get shot on a train? Someone is lying here.

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