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Dumb Advice

The other week, the CPD gave some helpful (if unfortunate) advice:
  • If confronted by an armed felon, better to surrender your car than your life
While we are not particularly fond of that advice, it’s helpful for those (A) unarmed and (B) living in an under-policed Chicago. This advice however, is pathetic in the extreme:
  • Chicago Police said they do not believe the two carjackings are related. They encourage everyone to be vigilant, to not sit inside vehicles for too long and to not resist if you find yourself getting robbed.
In Rahm’s Chicago, citizens shouldn’t sit in their cars too long lest they be confronted by and hijacked by criminals?

That should tell everyone in the media, the city, the world, that Chicago is not even bothering to maintain a police force capable of protecting the citizenry. Combine that with the CPD “no chase” policy and Dart/Foxxx/Prickwrinkle’s “no punishment” policy and you have this observation from a citizen:

  • The carjacking marks the second violent incident in the area after Jesus De La O-Jimenez was shot and killed in the same neighborhood last week during the early morning hours when police say he refused to give up his keys during a carjacking.

    “It seems like this day and age there’s a lot more crime going around this neighborhood. Never before have I seen it. I’ve lived here over 20 years.”

It’s not your imagination.

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