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“Fascist” Alert Update

  • I woke up yesterday and sat on the side of the bed for a few moments. I needed to feel the aches and pains that prove I’m still alive and kicking. Once the blood got flowing I made my way to the kitchen and put on my pot of coffee. I’m not human until the coffee kicks in. With a cup of dark roast, I sat at my desk and began my morning computer ritual. I check my email, log in and see how many books I sold over night, check my Facebook page and then I check a blog named Second City Cop.

    I like to check it each morning because like a Marine, once a cop always a cop. It’s much like taking the temperature of the department. It lets me know the current issues with the officer on the street. This morning, the first item on the blog is a poster. It appears to be from a left-wing group. This poster warns the citizens of Boston to be on the lookout for Alt-Right groups bearing certain symbols. There in the middle of the page are two symbols near and dear to me.

    They list the Thin Blue Line and Thin Blue Line Flag as White Nationalist / Neo-Nazi / Alt-Right. I don’t know the other groups so I can’t tell you whether they belong on the page or not.

    I am outraged and insulted. The Thin Blue Line is a tribute to all police officers who have died in the line of duty. The Thin Blue Line flag is a symbol of the thin blue line of police officers protecting the citizens from the criminal element.

    Blue symbolizes more than our uniforms. It’s the idea we’re not black or white or Hispanic or Asian. We’re police officers and we bleed blue. Look at photos of the officers killed or wounded in the line of duty this last year. There’s no racial preference. Every ethnicity wears our uniforms. We’re a cross section of the society we live in. We become the thin blue line holding back the criminals.

But, as representative of law and order, we are once again, the target of those who would have neither.

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