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OT Out of Control

  • The Chicago Police Department is on pace to spend nearly $200 million on overtime in 2017 — 40 percent more than last year’s record spending — despite a two-year hiring surge tailor-made to keep pace with attribution and bolster the force by 970 officers.

    The Chicago Sun-Times reported earlier this year that police officers racked up $30.9 million in overtime during January, February and March alone — cold weather months when crime typically is lower.

    That was a 26.6 percent increase over the $24.4 million spent on overtime during the same period last year, when City Hall set a new record by spending $143 million on police overtime.

But Rahm promised (again) to hire nearly 1,000 cops to alleviate the overtime expenditures, right?

Well, about those numbers – he lied. Again:

  • Nearly one year into Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s promise to increase the Chicago Police Department force by 1,000 cops, the city had gained just 37 officers, according to data secured by CWBChicago via a Freedom Of Information Act request. And since his promise was made, 17 of the city’s 22 police districts have lost manpower, not gained it.

    On September 21 last year, Emanuel promised that the city will replace every cop who retires and will further increase the department’s manpower by 1,000 cops overall before the end of 2018.

    But the city’s own data–comparing manpower on the day of Emanuel’s promise with the day of our request for information (July 21)—shows the city is falling far short. Graduations have barely kept pace with retirements and promotions, the numbers show.

    Since Emanuel made his promise, Chicagoans have been awash in a seemingly endless river of footage showing the mayor at CPD graduation ceremonies. and jogging with legions of new recruits. But, as of July 21, all of the hype had resulted in a net gain of just 37 cops.

The Crime in Boystown blog has a bunch of helpful charts and figures – actual REAL journalism – outlining where the Districts have lost manpower and certain units have gained it. The Detective Unit gained the most, but nearly all of that increase comes at the expense of Patrol.

But Rahm’s lapdog media will continue to cover for his incompetence, running the hit pieces he feeds them and ignoring the massive screwing taxpayers are getting day in and day out.

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