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Exploting a Tragedy?

Missed this one from earlier in the week – someone must have gone to the “Rahm Emanuel Crisis School” at some point:
  • The mother of Kenneka Jenkins, whose body was found in a freezer in a Rosemont hotel, says the frequent protests outside the hotel are over, indicating she felt taken advantage of by organizers.

    In a video posted to her Facebook page Sunday night, Tereasa Martin said, “You know what, this protest is over.”

    Martin thanked all the people who came out to support justice for her 19-year-old daughter, but she blasted unnamed organizers for taking financial advantage of the situation.

    Martin said she became aware only recently that some organizers were collecting money from people as part of the protests.

    […] Protest organizers, for their part, insist they were not profiting off Jenkins’ death and said Martin’s video came as “a complete shocker to us.”

    Jedidiah Brown, a Chicago activist who spearheaded the protests, said the money in question was part of a “freedom fund.” Donations to that fund was put toward food, transportation and legal fees for protesters who were arrested. That fund, Brown said, was separate from donations to Martin and was created with her blessing.

What kind of person……oh. Jedidiah? Enough said. Never mind.

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