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Misguided at Best

  • The “take a knee” trend continues in Chicago.

    Several retired police officers sent a message outside Chicago Police Headquarters. […]

    More than 20 retired black cops gathered in unity Friday to make a statement about patriotism, protest and free speech.

    “We’re here to show solidarity for the First Amendment,” retired police officer Judity Buckner says. “We should be able to do that without question, and nobody should come to us and say it’s wrong.”

Are you dense? No one is preventing you from protesting. In fact, you’re retired – you can protest all day long and no one is going to say a word.

But you don’t get to do it in uniform, on duty, with a raised fist, in a police facility.

And we’ll add this – anyone taking their lead from Corky has a few screws loose.

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