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Cat Fight!

Someone wrote a “Special EDitorial” reply to Joe Ferguson’s screed in the Slum Times the other day and stuck Special Ed’s name on it. The person who wrote it calls out Ferguson for his reticence in calling out gang violence until it effected him
  • Selfishly, I wish Chicago had heard from you earlier as countless families on the South and West sides were dealing with this very same grief — or when the Mayor and I were fighting in Springfield to create a culture of accountability for repeat gun offenders. Nevertheless, your voice is important, valued and needed to make our city safer.
And then “Ed” starts fighting back:
  • However, you are misinformed to suggest that CPD does not have a crime strategy or is not invested in the safety of our neighborhoods. So I would like to take this opportunity to tell you exactly what we have been doing to keep Chicagoans safe.

    At the very beginning of this year I outlined our strategy to reduce violence in 2017 based upon three important pillars: targeted, data driven enforcement, addressing the flaws in sentencing guidelines for repeat gun offenders, and renewing our community policing and engagement with the public. While we still have a lot of work ahead of us, we relied not on words, but action to make significant progress on all three pillars.

That “data driven enforcement…” Would that be the ever recurring demand for more ISR’s that numerous commanders are pressing the troops on? Where they seemingly forget that numbers driven policing is EXACTLY what brought the ACLU up everyone’s ass in the first place.

And those “flaws in sentencing…for repeat gun offenders…” Any word on the Greektown brawlers, two convicted of homicide who somehow got day-for-day credit? How did they get out and get guns? We hope we don’t have to run down near-daily examples of gun offenders being released or not charged adequately, leading to more violence.

And then, whoever is posing as Special Ed starts lying:

  • In six of our most historically violent districts, we launched intelligence nerve centers that give our officers the data and tools they need to drive a 22 percent average reduction in shooting incidents in those neighborhoods and a nearly 18 percent reduction citywide, with 18 out of 22 police districts seeing reductions in gun violence this year. The Englewood district, which was the first to implement this technology, has seen a nearly 45 percent reduction compared to 2016 and a nearly 25 percent reduction compared to 2015.
Someone needs to re-check the math. Somebody non-Department connected (because they lie) and someone not media connected (because they don’t even bother to check the numbers. We had our number guru actually check the stats and he came up with the following:
  • Shootings have NOT dropped 18% citywide (They’ve dropped 5% citywide)   
  • Englewood shootings have NOT dropped 45% 2017 to 2016 (They’ve dropped 4% YTD)
Dueling editorials is amusing. “Ed” is not going to acknowledge the department IS actually rudderless and Ferguson is not going to acknowledge his hand in making it so by failing to address the cheating of Ed’s wife, Al’s wife and their buddies, lest Rahm (the Puppeteer of all this) have to face uncomfortable questions.

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