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Nice Public Transit Rahm

  • Reports of so-called “non-index” crime on the CTA in Chicago are on pace this year to surpass each of the past two years, including the number of cases of “criminal sexual abuse” such as “inappropriate touching” and “sexual harassment without physical contact.”

    There have been 145 instances of criminal sexual abuse reported on the CTA in Chicago since the beginning of 2015, with the number of such incidents rising from 44 in 2015 to 60 in 2017 as of Oct. 27. That’s according to a Chicago Sun-Times analysis of Chicago Police Department data on “non-index” crimes — those regarded as less severe than “index” crimes such as murder, robbery and rape.

    The L system, in particular, has seen an uptick in those sex crimes, which can be classified as either a misdemeanor or felony. There have been 2,003 reports of non-index crimes on the CTA in Chicago in 2017 through late October, ranging from fights to gambling, drug use to vandalism.

    By comparison, there were 2,006 such reports for all of 2016 and 2,036 the year before.

How badly undermanned is the Mass Transit Unit again? And how does the percentage of manpower assigned compare to somewhere else, like New York City?

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