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Close the Courts?

This is an interesting rumor from a long time reader:
  • Meanwhile, reliable sources are saying Preckwinkle will close all misdemeanor courts in the City and combine them into suburban courthouses. No more Belmont and Western, Harrison and Kedzie, etc. If this occurs, CPD officers will not make misdemeanor arrests, and if possible they will just issue citations. One hour and a half round trip travel time, is not worth it to appear in court.
No Branch Courts? This sounds like a Prickwrinkle game of chicken to force some budget issues. Closing Branch Courts would eliminate numerous judge spots, countless sheriffs in court, transport personnel, etc. Probably upwards of fifty people per location plus support personnel in other places.

Frankly, we like it. Painless to taxpayers, ball breaking to Dart, and pretty much less work for CPD, too, because arrests are going to crater overnight. Go for it Toni! People will be buying a lot of personal defense ammo – out of county though.

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