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Investigation Ends

  • A Cook County special grand jury has been disbanded without charging any additional Chicago police officers, including department higher-ups, for their handling of Laquan McDonald’s fatal shooting by an officer.

    At a hearing Tuesday at the Leighton Criminal Court Building, special prosecutor Patricia Brown Holmes said the grand jury that convened to look into the controversial shooting has completed its investigation.

    That means no other officers — including higher-ups who signed off on allegedly false reports of the shooting — will be indicted.

    The only indictment brought by the special grand jury charged just lower-level cops — a detective and two patrol officers — stopping short of criminally charging department higher-ups in the alleged cover-up, even though several had been recommended for firing by the city inspector general’s office for their actions.

All the bosses were permitted to retire with full benefits and pensions including the exempt who ordered the District supervisors and detectives to push through an incomplete (and uninvestigated) TRR so he could finish his portion of the report and go home. The Round Table the next day included Special Ed, who hasn’t answered a straight question since then about the entire incident – probably because to break ranks might jeopardize a certain cheating investigation.

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