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Madigan’s Consent Decree?

Rahm needs the political cover of a consent decree, one that Trump refuses to grant him. So Rahm is using his puppet supernintendo to get something. Special Ed is playing to his puppet-master with full devotion lest a certain investigation gets re-opened. He sent out an e-mail last week that states in part:
  • [blah blah blah]

    To that end, this week CPD and the City of Chicago started the process to construct a consent decree with the Illinois Attorney General’s office. My goals in the process are to both provide officers with the tools and resources necessary to do your jobs effectively while at the same time working to restore trust with the community.

    I want to make sure you all know that as we proceed through the process we are working to create an agreement that is focused on helping you do your jobs with more training, resources, and support. Every member of the leadership team involved in the process is fully aware of your hard work that has helped us to significantly reduce crime this year and we will work to ensure nothing hinders your ability to do your job moving forward. We have an obligation to the citizens we serve to work to improve our department together while at the same time building on the progress we have made to keep our citizens safe.

Lisa Madigan has shown zero interest in the Chicago Police Department since she broke up with what’s his name and his shady crew. During her illustrious career, she has uncovered zero corruption in Illinois, even as numerous members of the legislative and executive branches have gone to federal prison or are in the process of being expelled from their respective chambers. What possible standing could she have in a so-called “consent decree” with the CPD? What “expertise” does she bring to any sort of agreement? But she’s playing her part with Ed as tools for the Machine doing Rahm’s bidding.

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