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Cranky Commander

  • Arrests are up from last year but what happens after an arrest is what frustrates the commander of downtown Chicago’s 18th police district. Commander Paul Bauer says there is a “high bar to prosecution” in Cook County, requiring Chicago police to get approval from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office before a suspect can be charged.

    “Sometimes they want to come out and…talk to the victim,” said Bauer at the annual meeting of River North Residents Association. “If you think about it, we’re sometimes victimizing this person twice. You just got your phone snatched from you. You got knocked down. Now you’re going to be in the station. You got to stay here for another couple hours until the State’s Attorney gets out here.”

    […] According to Bauer, 75 percent of the crime in the 18th district is theft-related, whether it’s theft from a building or theft from a person, including a suspect who, while riding a bicycle, recently swiped mobile phones from people in River North.

If this guy is like most commanders, he’s never had an original thought in his life, and criticizing Foxxx’s office isn’t going to earn him any love from that part of the Machine…unless this is part of an on-going feud behind the scenes.

Rahm has to realize that 018 is going under, and it’s going to go faster if tourists keep getting mugged. Is someone making waves among the business community who have noticed the long-term trends in the profit margins and Rahm is reminding the County side that a deserted downtown is in no one’s interests?

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