Month: November 2017

In Belgium for ‘safety’, axed Catalan leader summoned to Spain court

Spain’s top criminal court summoned Catalonia’s axed separatist leader for questioning, hours after he appeared in Brussels insisting he remained the “legitimate president” of a region now under direct rule from Madrid.

Japan’s Parliament re-elects Abe as PM

Japan’s lower house of parliament has re-elected Shinzo Abe as prime minister after his party won a resounding victory in a snap election last month.

Asylum-seekers refuse to leave Papua New Guinea camp

Hundreds of asylum-seekers refused to leave a detention center in Papua New Guinea on Wednesday, even after power and water were cut and food supplies dwindled, in a stand-off that human rights groups warn could become a humanitarian crisis.

NYC truck attack: Investigators scour driver’s background

Investigators worked through the night to determine what led a truck driver to plow down people on a riverfront bike path near the World Trade Center, brandishing air guns and yelling “God is great” in Arabic as his deadly route of terror ended with a crash, authorities said.

Gold vs. Bitcoin: Goldman Sachs Weighs In

Authored by James Rickards via The Daily Reckoning, I write and speak a lot on gold. In contrast – and this surprises some people – bitcoin is my least favorite topic. I’m made my views known many times. Still, interviewers love to get into the “gold versus bitcoin” debate. I continually get dragged into discussing bitcoin in interviews on TV, radio and the internet. So I discuss it whether I want to or not. From my perspective, you might as well discuss gold versus watermelons or bicycles versus bitcoin. In other words, it’s a phony debate. I agree that gold and bitcoin are both forms of money, but they go their own ways. There’s no natural relationship between the two (what traders call a “basis”). The gold/bitcoin basis trade does not exist. But people love to discuss it, an...

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