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Club 51? Seriously?

  • Aleta Clark says she was 18 months old when her mom dropped her off at a South Side police station and walked off.

    Nearly 30 years later, Clark walked into another station on the South Side in February to see a relative and noticed a lobby filled with people seeking shelter from the cold night.

    She came back the next night, this time with food. And every night since then. Around 10:30 p.m., she pulls up to the Area Central police station at Wentworth Avenue and 51st Street with her SUV filled with meals and drinks and clothes.

    The regulars have come to call the station Club 51.

Are there no shelters? Are there no safety complaints for the diseases, bugs and smells this indoor homeless colony inflicts on Department members? Do we have to go through the security measures in place at suburban stations to prevent this sort of crap? And isn’t there some sort of General Order or rule about people using a Department Facility for publicity stunts? She obviously uses the Deuce for her stunt because of the “free security” in place, despite using police as another sort of prop when she feels the need to conduct political protests in the lobby of other stations.

The two-faced-ness of this individual and the brass who let this happen is truly a mark of how far the Department has fallen. We doubt that any of this meets CALEA Standards, which seem to be the only thing that the bosses care about nowadays.

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