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Even CSA Goes Unpunished

  • A Cook County judge sentenced two teenage boys Wednesday to five years of probation and ordered them to register as sex offenders for the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl broadcast live on Facebook last March.

    Judge Patricia Mendoza, assigned to the juvenile division, had signaled she would impose the probation sentences when the two pleaded guilty in November to a single count of child pornography.

And the justification?
  • Prosecutors had sought sentences for both boys, now each 15, in prison facilities for juveniles.

    In court Wednesday, the judge noted the serious nature of the crime and its impact on the victim but said a potential lifetime as registered sex offenders would have more repercussions for the teens than spending several more months in confinement.

    “It’s time for you gentlemen to start adjusting to your new life,” Mendoza told them.

Really? A “potential” for being inconvenienced one day a year to register as measured against the very real damaged and broadcast humiliation they inflicted on a 15-year-old is a “repercussion”? And she called them “gentlemen.”

Liberalism is truly a mental disease.

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