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Not shocking, but disturbing if true:
  • Would the media care to investigate this tasty morsel? […] here’s a low hanging banana for ya:

    Applicants who fail any portion of the Power Test can – FOR A FEE – register for a PE class at one of a few of the local City Colleges.

    There, they (ostensibly) receive additional physical conditioning from gym instructors/personal trainers until they (in theory) “pass” the power test under the watchful eye of City College employees. Now here’s where it gets good…

    These applicants get a certificate saying they passed the Power Test to bring back to the Personnel Division and get right back where they left off in the hiring process line WITHOUT HAVING TO PASS THE POWER TEST AT THE ACADEMY.

    Another slickster money grab hatched by crooked ass scum for a crooked ass job in the crookedest city in the USA.

This is from commentator IFIYGD, who has posted some other connected stories before. Sounds exactly like something Rahm would sanction.

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