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Another Unworkable “Solution”

  • In a bid to crack down on car crashes caused by people texting while driving, Chicago aldermen on Thursday discussed the concept of arming police with devices to tell how recently drivers had used their cellphones.

    So-called “textalyzers” could allow officers to scan phones and tell whether they were in use at the time of an accident, Ald. Edward Burke said.

    “In many ways it’s the digital equivalent of a Breathalyzer,” he said. While a handful of government agencies around the country are looking at incorporating textalyzer technology in police investigations, none has done so yet, he said.

    The 14th Ward alderman, however, did not propose that the Chicago Police Department start using the devices, nor was a vote taken. Burke, the longest-tenured and most powerful alderman, sometimes holds hearings merely to discuss headline-grabbing ideas.

Maybe this goof should keep his bullshit to himself for a year or two and see if actual problems get solved.

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